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Some translations may require parametrs that will be replaced with special values by our system.
For example the phrase could be:
"Hello $1! Your last successfull login was on $2!"
"Hello ~! Your last successfull login was on $2!"
$1 works in the same way as char ~ so both versions will have the same result. For example it can be:
"Hello Don Joe! Your last successful login was on 01 September 2016 at 2:21 PM!"

We are very thankfull for all your suggestions ! You are helping keep this service cool! Thanks!
Configure your alerts in very easy way and show them to your viewers! You can do this quickly and what is more important - very attractively. You can configure your alerts with new payment, follow or subscription!
Show youtube movie field in your payment page
Link to web page displaying messages from payments. Using OBS you can display them on your stream.
Payments by PayPal will go DIRECTLY to your PayPal account WITHOUT ANY COMMISION.
Get your payments directly to your Paypal account. 100% money is for you!
We just need your e-mail address that is connected with your PayPal account.
You received a new payment from $1 for the amount of $2€ via $3.
Your payment page might look like ...
Message from the viewer:
You have not received any payments yet. Share the link to the payment page for viewers and collect paid messages!
Minimum of payment value is $1.
~ received for Streamers
With you will earn more! We support payments by SMS or direct calls. You might get even 200% more tips. For now we support about 90 countries!
We are the best service on market because we do not take any provisions for paypal payments. The money goes directly into your Paypal account!
Show alerts and widgets on your stream
Your payment page
Choose your payment page from specially designed layouts. Yes, we have more than just one and we are constantly working on new ones.
stream, SMS, Paypal, notification, comment, alert, gamer, streamer, track
Set your alerts and widgets and display them on your stream! We accept many different payment methods!
Every 1 euro of payment adds:
Minimum payment amount for Paypal payments (euro)
Payment text template
New payment $1 from $2. Comment: "$3".
New payment $1 from $2. Comment: "$3".
One payment has been refunded. In such case request payout again.
Amount text color
Amount text animation
Configure your Paypal payments
Your payment has been sent. Thank you!
Paid by $1
Enter your data to receive your payouts
Layout of payment page
0% commision!. Payments goes directly to your PayPal account! doesn't charge any commision for this payment! Of course info about the payment goes to our system so alerts will be displayed properly.
SMS payment issues in Romania solved.
Soon we will add paymentwall payments.
Important notification: SMS payment issues in Romania solved
Show alerts and widgets on your stream!
Alert sound notification:
You can also configure your widget. On your stream you can display for example "Payments goal", "Scrolling Bar", "Events widget", "Counters". We are working on new interesting widgets! If you have some idea - feel free to contact us :)
You can withdraw money in euros to the paypal / bank account and it will automatically convert the euro into your currency. In your alerts / widgets, you can display amount in the currency of your choice.
Payments Goal
You dont receive any payments yet. Go to $1Payment page settings$2, configure your payment page and share it!
Successfuly created a test payment.
Minimum payment value (based on "default currency")
Payment Alerts
Error. Your login has not been changed
Payments goal
Web page with your description where you can receive payments.
Payments go into your account! You can withdraw them after 6 months. charges 10% commision for this payment method. This payment method is for those don't have their own paypal account.
New payment €42 from Don Joe. Comment: "You are awesome!".