Padėkite mums atlikti vertimus.

Rodyti vertimus iš į
Trumpa instrukcija

Kai kurie vertimai reikalauja parametrų kurie bus pakeisti su specialiomis sumomis mūsų sistemos.
Pavyzdžiui frazė galėtų būti:
"Labas $1! Jūsų paskutinis sėkmingas prisijungimas buvo $2!"
"Sveiki ~! Jūsų paskutinis sėkmingas prisijungimas buvo $2!"
$1 darbus tokiu pačiu būdu, kaip simbolis ~ taigi abu variantai turės tą patį rezultatą. Pavyzdžiui, ji gali būti:
"Sveiki Don Joe! Jūsų paskutinis sėkmingas prisijungimas buvo 01 Rugsėjo 2016 at 14:21h!"

Mes esame labai dėkingi už jūsų pasiūlymus! Jūs padedate mūms likti šauniais! Ačiū!
The service is in the process of technical work. We'll be back in a maximum of 2 hours.
We are trying to pay your money instantly. Sometimes, we have to wait for the money collected by you that's why you also have to wait. How long? You can check it in the "$1" section. Time is different for each payment method and for each country. We are trying to shorten this time and we hope that soon we will not have to wait at all. is completely free and we do not charge any commission. The only commission charged is a commission from the payment provider which is inevitable. If you know any service in your country with better percent - let us know.
You connected using the API of another website. Please set an additional password in case you get banned on the connected service.
Allow viewres to pay with over 150 payment methods globally to reach users from 200 countries and territories. Credit cards, SMS Payments, Online Bank transfers and much more! We do not charge commissions. We only count the commission charged by the paymentwall and the payment provider.
We have prepared for you the bill that you have to give us so we can make a withdrawal to your account. Below is a file for viewing.
If you have any questions contact as via email or use $1our contact form$2
You must first change the login to consist of only letters or numbers
Click to see the invoice in your new browser tab
The money will be added after accepting the translation by us. Do not use google translator or similar help. Please translate it by yourself. We will check it anyway. Do your best. Good luck!
This is preview of this phrase. Try to translate it that it makes sense and it was more or less the same length.
You can withdraw money in euros to the paypal / bank account and it will automatically convert the euro into your currency. In your alerts / widgets, you can display amount in the currency of your choice.
You have given invalid information for payout (e.g. no bank account information). Fix required payout data and request payout once again.
On 15th May, we added new features to the
  • We've added the option of converting currencies in your widgets / alerts
  • We've improved Support
  • We've added News and Notifications
  • We have added the possibility of assigning a login and password for accounts registered by the API. We recommend to everyone to set a new password.
  • We've added the option to change your login / password
  • We've added the ability to remember your password
  • We've added the option of setting a new md5 code for alerts and widgets URL.
  • We've fixed saving CSS in alerts.
  • We have improved many language phrases.
  • We have added a new newsletter and the possibility of unsubscription

Next changes will concern changes to the home page and payment methods. We plan to add the following:
  • paysafecard
  • dotpay
  • sofort
  • Trustly
  • Webmoney
  • Bitcoin
  • Skrill
  • Unitpay

  • In addition, we encourage everyone to send translations of our website.
    Romania does not charge any fees or commision. The commission can be collected by the payment provider and it can not be avoided.
    We looked at your case and we gave you the answer. Click the link below to go to the thread. $3
    If you have any questions contact as via email or use $1our contact form.$2
    You connected using the API of another website. Please set an additional password in case you get banned on the connected service.
    Get your payments directly to your Paypal account. 100% money is for you!
    We just need your e-mail address that is connected with your PayPal account.
    We have received a message from you and will try to respond as soon as possible. Usually we answer immediately and rarely it lasts longer than 24 hours.

    We have opened a special page for you where you get the answer. $3
    Please confirm your e-mail address. This can be useful, for example, to recover your account password.